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Initial Filtering - Aptitude testing at the Candidate's Home

Logipass is an initial filtering candidate recruitment system, implementing Go / No Go testing principles.
The goal of our system is to create a handy solution for employers that receive countless candidate applications and having a hard time to choose between them all. Logipass allows employers to focus on candidates that successfully completed the filtering exams the employer chose for them.
Until recently the cognitive and intellectual abilities of candidates were tested only at a much later recruitment phase as a part of a complete (and quite expensive) Aptitude test. Logipass produces for you an initial and highly credible summary report for a cheap cost even before you call in the candidate for an interview.
The conventional filtering process is based on conducting a personal interview for every potential candidate. Such basis comes from an approach that the time wasted on unfit candidates is the 'lesser evil' of the alternatives. Logipass switches around this way of thinking and allows you to focus on the best candidates in a quick and efficient manner!
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