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What do Aptitude tests include?

Candidate Skills Evaluation Test

Most institutions include multiple different tests such as: General Intelligence (consists of multiple sub-exams), verbal analogies, numerical series, shape series, memory capacity, technical understanding, English understanding and many more.
Although each exam assesses a different trait or skill separately, the final score takes all of them into consideration in order to produce a meaningful result.

See examples of commonly used tests - as well as a free aptitude test, which you can use to practice before undertaking a complete aptitude test.

Candidate Personality Evaluation Test

There is a clear distinction between evaluating one's intellect, skills, achievements and neuropsychological capacity and evaluation by personality exams, which examinate personal traits, dynamic motives, adaptation, psychiatric symptoms, and interpersonal skills.
That being said, the distinction is far from absolute: intellectual capacity is partially based on various skills, such as determination and self-control, hence skills exams inevitably analyze personal traits as a result.
LogiPass Personality Exams are based on the Big Five Personality Model. This model is widely accepted by many personality-related researchers and includes, as the name implies, five fundamental and principal personalities.

Interested in taking a personality exam yourself? You can order a psychometric personality exam that was specifically tailored for personal non-business users, good luck!

Employment Integrity Test

Reliability an integrity exams are used in many job analyses and in the assessment of core-values of organizations and companies in almost all fields. They can be described as adhering to a code of moral values, rules and organizational policies. Many organizations are interested in filtering out candidates that might display problematic behavior at the workplace.

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