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Frequently Asked Questions

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When and how can I view exam results?

If you have been tested on Logipass, you got an email with a link explaining when and how you can see the test results. Clicking on the link, sent to you personally, will take you to a form where you can ask to see the test results.

I paid for a test for practice, can I see my mistakes? How do you do that?

Yes. From July 2021, after a great deal of thought and a desire to help those being tested, we have made this possible in the following manner: Go to the [TEST] tab and then click on the specific test you attempted, for example, [ Verbal instruction comprehension]. This will a window with blue and red balloons. Clicking on a red balloon will display the question and your response. This will be displayed partially and will not include other responses to protect the system from copying and intellectual rights.

Can i see the integrity test scores?

Upon completing our integrity test, you can contact us at Please provide us with your email address and your name and we will send you a PDF file with the requested information

Is it allowed to photograph the candidate without his knowledge? Are all examinees photographed? Is there a message for the examinee that they are going to photograph him?

Of course not! First, not all examinees are photographed, this is a decision that all organizations using the system makes for themselves and for what positions, if at all.
  • Secondly, this is always done with the knowledge and approval of the person being tested - it's the only option. At the start of the test, the clients request is displayed, and the examinee is referred to a document explaining its significance. Only if the examinee approves the document do they continue to the next stage.
  • The next step a pop-up window is displayed in the browser where the examinee approves photographs during the test.
Without these two approvals, contractual approval (with Loggias and the examining company) and approval in the browser pop-up, the examinee cannot be photographed.

Is the use of a page and pen in a job acceptance test allowed?

The use of a page and pen is prohibited during the test.
This is stated explicitly at the beginning of the test and the question is repeated at the end.
Anyone who does not want to break the test rules, does not want to lie and does not want to risk being discovered, for example in a re-test, will avoid it.

Can the exam results I ordered myself (which I paid for and not sent by a potential employer) reach in the future to any other factor?

Absolutely not! It is also prohibited by law. (See Exam Rights on this page ) Results are sent to you only.

Are the Logipass tests parallel to the tests of psychotechnical institutes such as Phila, Adam Milo, Keinan Shefi and the like?

Logipass's tests are unique to us. But yes, they are in many ways analogous and similar to psychometric tests of other, existing institutes. However, experience has proven that if you are successful in Logipass's tests then, in all probability, you will also succeed with their tests. The opposite is also true, if you fail the LogiPass system, then in all likelihood you will also fail their tests and in the same areas (such as configurational tests, numerical tests, verbal tests, professional tests etc.) Because of this, there are many excellent companies who use directly the LogiPass system to classify employees.

Why should I practice a psychotechnical test in Logipass system?

Want to see your mistakes? OK! We will show you where you made a mistake and what you selected. However, the main benefit is working under pressure, knowing where you stand in relation to other examinees, attempting tests and the types of questions, and developing methods to best cope with these types of tests. After all, there are endless questions and in the real test you will be given different ones. The results displayed at the end of the test are identical to the report that the employer would receive (in the same format). This allows you to see your status in relation to other candidates being tested for the job and what you should improve prior to the real test.

what does our career/study counseling service include?

:An on line system that takes you through a comprehensive prosses

  • Free interests questionnaire
  • Personality and skill tests
  • Results and recommendations
For further information please see the career counseling section

Why should I (the job candidate) be tested at home or on my mobile?

Testing from home or on a mobile device is less threatening and takes place in an environment that is safe and friendly. This lets you show yourself at your best and promote your candidacy without wasting valuable time and travel. If you are employed, you won't have to take time off from work and risk letting others know you are looking for a new job (with all that entails). If, following the test, you are called for an interview then you will know that you have the skills and the personal profile required for the post which means you'll arrive for your interview full of confidence which could help you get the job. If you're not invited for an interview, you've saved yourself trouble, disappointment, and exposure.

What is the cost of using Logipass?

To see the price list. The private user has the option of test that are free (partial test that is currently in its PILOT stage) or tests that must be paid for. Click here for more information and to order a test. Good luck!

Coupons - I did a paid exam and got a coupon, how do you use it?

If you have ordered a full test (all the marked tests) to practice on the site you will receive an email with a long text string. This text string is worth $9.
When you get to the payment page, enter the string in the appropriate field and you will immediately get your discount.

What tests are there in Logipass?

Click here to see the list of skill tests.
Click here to see or order a personality test.
Click here example of integrity test report.

What is the goal of Logipass?

Logipass's goal to make recruitment processes, for the employer and candidates, more efficient. Using Logipass will save the organization many recruitment and vetting resources such as: direct costs, time, financial investment in vetting candidates unsuitable in terms of their skills, personality etc. It will save the candidate the trouble of physically appearing for unnecessary interviews and give them an advantage when their skills, personality, and the job's reliability requirement match their profile.


What is the cost of using Logipass?

For the price list for organizations click here

What is the significance of the scores on the skills tests in the Logipass system?

What is the significance of the scores on the skills tests in the Logipass system?

Can Logipass results be trusted?

The questions in Logipass were written by qualified psychologists with training, background, and experience in the formulation of psychological and psychometric tests. The system's questions and their different versions are constantly being validated and updated. Thus, the client receives a product of the highest quality especially if they retest at the company site with this test being free of charge

Why should I (the recruiter) examine candidates from their home or mobile?

For or against candidates being tested at home
A huge saving in your most precious resource - TIME! Greater efficiency in vetting processes. Faster advancement for suitable candidates whilst preventing unnecessary interviews of unsuitable candidates because of their personality and/or who fail to meet the necessary skill standards for the position or the organization.

Is Logipass a "instead" of a standard psychotechnical test?

That depends on the organization. Evaluation at a psychometric institute includes a psychologist and organizations that use such institutions can carry on like that. Logipass allows access to a great deal of information about the skills, personality, and reliability of the candidate from the start of the process rather than at its end. This is new reality, one that is more economical and fairer to both sides.

What is the validity of the tests?

One of the best in the field! Logipass was developed according to accepted test methodology in the field, by Dr. Meirav Hemi, a psychologist with training and a specific background in the formulation and development of psychological tests. The tests were developed based on a comprehensive review of existing literature and tests. So far, the system has tested more than 50,000 candidates. Findings regarding the system's validity and reliability are good and show a high correlation that is constantly improving. Over time and the accumulation of information in your organization, Logipass will carry out, at your request and at no charge, organizational sampling according to additional cross sections such as: age/education/position and even department.

How is Logipass used?

It's easy to use Logipass!
• First we give you a username and password for the Logipass system.
• Next you can add details of your candidates and the tests you want them to take. The system will send a link to the tests directly to their mailbox along with a SMS text message.
• Finally, you will get the candidate's detailed test results* directly to your mail.
*You can see the test results at any time in your Personal Area on the Logipass site. A message will be sent to you immediately when the candidate completes the test.

What does it mean that the questions in it are random?

In other words, the same candidate can be tested several times. For example, once at home and once at the organization's site. If this is, in fact, the same candidate, we will get results that are almost identical even though the candidate will get different questions each time. This is because the questions in Logipass are different, but identical in their direction. If the test results are different, then this places in significant doubt the candidate's integrity. Retesting is free!

What is Logipass intended for?

The Logipass system is aimed at job seekers and organizations from all fields. It will save both parties unnecessary trouble and costs while advancing and speeding up the recruitment of suitable candidates.

Who are your competitors?

Logipass makes it possible to test all three (skills, personality, and reliability). To the best of our knowledge, no other company in Israel provides this service. All the questionnaires were developed for the Israeli marketplace and culture. Even companies that offer similar or partial services do not have the Logipass's technological abilities, strengths, user interface and many other benefits.

Why is Logipass better than other products in the field?

Unlike other system in this field, Logipass has many different versions of each test with the questions being selected randomly every time, with simultaneous versions of course. In other words, you can test a candidate a number of times on the same day, and they will achieve almost the same results. So, unlike any other existing system a candidate can be tested in their own home with no fear of cheating or faking the results! The ability to test candidates at their home or mobile phone is a revolution in today's accepted recruitment processes. And yet, despite this, it is significantly cheaper from any other vetting system.

In what languages can Logipass be tested?

LogiPass is a complete Multi-Language system. In other words, not only do the tests and answers allow for the use of different languages but also when using the entire site - right from the Home Page. Screens in additional languages are in advanced stages of development as are tests and answers. As of today, tests can be carried out in Hebrew, Russian, English and Arabic.
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