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The integrity factor is one of the most important at the workplace, and appears in nearly all job roles or core-values of organization. Integrity is closely correlated with ethics, task fulfillment and organizational norms and policies. Many organizations show ever-growing interest in their work candidates to take the integrity test as part of the interview, in order to filter out candidates with counterproductive work behaviors (CWB).
Such behaviors may include different forms of immortal or illegal deviant behaviors, theft or drug abuse for example, as well as less severe offenses like harmful interpersonal communication or absent-mindedness.
Studies show that CWB may spread among all organizational sectors and endanger the organization itself, so it is only natural an employer would like to employ only decent employees and avoid the opposite.

For more information check out a report of an integrity test as well as Dr. Meirav Hemi's article on the matter.

Crucial benchmarks: LogiPass now allows you to configurate the integrity test and display only the most relevant profession benchmarks by default.
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Employment Integrity
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