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From crisis to opportunity

Life is full of surprises, crises, and opportunities. Undoubtedly, we are in the midst of change, and changes can and should be responded to quickly. Sometimes it is the difference between being or ceasing.

Many managers and human resources professionals we have met over the years are enthusiastic and understand the product's benefits. Yet, despite this, sometimes they fear change and the consequences involved.

A change in the recruitment processes, the introduction of a new system, and the initial effort required sometimes prevent our clients from daring to make the change, despite the clear benefits for them

The current period brings us to rethink, step out of the box and consider changes that, in the past, we preferred to postpone and were afraid to implement.

Our system corresponds with the spirit of the times and the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, at a time when it is better to stay at home and refrain from traditional diagnostic institutes, canceling conferences and evaluation days.

You don't have to stop the recruitment processes, it is valid to examine the candidates from home in a simple way implemented by most of our clients already today.

The Logipass system sends an email message + an SMS message, + a WhatsApp message (for those interested) with a link to the test that includes all the required modules (skills, personality, and reliability).

Recruiter and examinee interfaces are available on any device with an Internet connection.

Please take advantage of this crisis. It's a great time to try something new, effective, and suitable for the circumstances.

Call us at +972778001290 or by email to:

From crisis to opportunity

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