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Online Aptitude Tests

A smart way to recruit employees

Aptitude Test ❯❯

How do we help your business?

  • Professional and valid sorting tool
    low employment turnover rates
  • Innovative Online development
    Maximum efficiency and savings
  • Enhance business branding
    Attract more qualified candidates
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Our Services

  • Convenient and immediate customer support
  • Technical support for examinees
  • Organized training sessions for large Organizations
  • Unlimited tests and profiles
  • Full profile configuration support
  • Periodic statistical analysis based on organizational feedback
A smart way to recruit employees

We are here to listen

Logipass strives to provide great customer service and experience, we service hundreds of satisfied customers that will gladly vouch for us.

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The questions and answers in the tests Logipass provides are randomly generated, so that candidates can't study for the test, making it nearly impossible to cheat. This new approach allows our customers to be flexible and find more suitable candidates.

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A smart way to recruit employees

A smart way to recruit employees

For better understanding what our service includes and how the system works and can suit you.

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A smart way to recruit employees

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