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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can this help me get a job or for studies?

Absolutely! Firstly, you can generate PDF files of your suitability for each profession separately and send them to admission committees or simply attach them to your CV. Secondly, our reports will clearly show what hinders/affects your suitability for the profession of your choice, allowing you to dedicate time to improve. Moreover, if it concerns a personality trait, it's very likely that another profession on the list may suit you much better.

Are these tests really necessary?

Let's imagine you are a child with exceptional athletic abilities and your parent take you to an institute that specializes in diagnosing gifted athletes. Before given a chance to show your abilities, you are given a short questionnaire:
  • Do you like ball games?
  • Do you prefer individual or team sports?
  • Is recognition and fame important to you?
  • Do you find it hard to play in the rain or sun?
  • Do you mind playing on Sunday's?

  • Let's assume that according to your answers, the system calculated that you should be a basketball player. That it? We're done? There's no need to measure your Hight at least? Of course not, the questionnaire is not nearly enough and that’s exactly what we offer here at LogiPass. Instead of measuring your Hight, speed and other athletic abilities, we will measure your thinking abilities, persona Characteristics and weight them with your preferences into a solid and well-founded recommendation

    Which guidance package do you recommend for me?

    Yes, absolutely.
    At the request of many of the examinees who purchased the small package and later wanted to purchase a comprehensive or advanced package without retaking the tests, we created an option to upgrade from a small package to a larger package and pay only the cost difference between the two packages.

    Is the interest questionnaire free?


    What do you get if you do the whole orientation process including personality and skills?

    You receive a report that shows your compatibility for 15 different professions including a detailed breakdown of personality traits and skills:
    3 professions - according to the results of the interests questionnaire (Starter package).
    5 professions - of your own choice (Advanced package).
    7 professions - "Logipass's recommendations" (Complete package).
    And how does this report look like? Click on: Career Guidance Report

    Do your competitors offer similar services?

    We would love to tell you that we are better, more professional and way more reasonably priced than our competition, but to the best of our knowledge, no other company offers a comprehensive Online career guidance service like our.

    What are "Logipass's recommendations"?

    The Logipass's recommendations are the weighting of your skills, personality, and preferences scores compared to those required in the profession's profile, based on thousands of examinees and artificial intelligence based research. To get Logipass's recommendations, which weigh your skills, personality, and preferences scores compared to those required in the profession's profile, you must take general skills tests (no preparation or prior knowledge required) and a personality questionnaire.
    This way, you can discover that you are highly suited for a profession you may not have even known existed!
    There will always be different and diverse professions besides the ones you selected.
    If our recommendations rank lower than the professions chosen according to your interest or free choice, it means that you did an excellent job in the interest questionnaire or the free choice 😊.
    In any case, we advise regarding our recommendations as professions where your chances of success are high.

    What’s the duration of the tests?

    It depends on the different professions, but generally about 2 hours.

    Where can I get additional information?

    In this article: Career and study guidance – what’s new?

    When do I get the results?

    Immediately after you'll finish the test.

    What is the difference between the tendencies/preferences questionnaire and the personality questionnaire?

    The Tendency Questionnaire checks your preferences in different situations and based on which you can identify which professions you are suitable for at the level of interest.
    The personality questionnaire checks and analyzes your personality profile based on your answers regardless of one profession or another. For example, ambition, the ability to activate people, diligence and more.
    This combination of the questionnaire of tendencies + skills + personality profile will allow you to find out what you have the most chances of being accepted for studies and succeeding in the world of work.

    How long are the tests open after purchase?

    There is no time limit, you can take the tests at your convenience, and you don't have to do them all at once.
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