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Employee Turnover

Recently Hired Employee Turnover

The result represents a direct, among few other indirect costs, of said employees that no longer work at the organization.
It is worth noting that it may hurt the employer's branding and cause other indirect expenses.
To calculate a single month's value, just select the first option (1).
Recruits Turnover Days Hours Cost Months Tutor Employer
No matter how we reverse it, it is a huge cost, Logipass can reduce this turnover by 50% and more, how much will it "cost" you? About 1 hour of work per person, yes, one hour of work!
You do not need a computer to understand that this is a huge savings.
For a suitable quote for you, click here .
Quick Recruitment
The interview is an important and crucial custom, and has been so for many years, the recruitment process begins only at said first meeting.

The ability to examine a candidate from their home or mobile devices creates a new scenario: the moment the candidate finishes the exam, usually on the same day they get the exam, the result is immediately sent back to the exam's sender e-mail address.
You will be able to deduce many things about the candidate and decide whether to call them in for an interview, which can be more valuable for both parties than otherwise, or not.

Example report
Skills Tests73 ₪
Personality Tests64 ₪
Integrity Exam59 ₪
Mixed Exam90 ₪
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