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Employment Admission Tests

Candidate screening tests are integral to most employee selection processes in Israel today. Many organizations conduct screening tests for work to test their skills, character, personality, and reliability and assess the candidates' suitability through tests. Thus, candidate screening tests present the job seeker with a final barrier (in most cases) before being hired. The screening tests may include a wide variety of tests and can last about half a day to three days. Among the common tests you can find:

Candidate screening tests for work are required to meet two essential criteria:
  1. Reliability - Test results repeat themselves regardless of time, the testing person, or the location of the test.
  2. Validity - The degree of correspondence between the test results and the actual performance of the role.

One of the main tools in the screening process is cognitive testing. Over the years, research has been done in order to develop cognitive tests that are more suitable for employee screening, and today cognitive tests are a popular tool used by organizations for personnel screening. Many studies found significant connections between cognitive abilities and a person's success in a job requiring cognitive skills (as opposed to manual labor only), measured through screening tests. Therefore the importance of these tests is paramount in the hiring process. There are three common types of cognitive tests:

  • Verbal Ability Tests - Assess the candidate's ability to use language skills.
  • Quantitative Ability Tests - Assess the candidate's ability to solve various mathematical problems.
  • Explanation and Analysis Tests - Assess the candidate's ability to solve a variety of analytical problems.

Most sets of cognitive tests combine these three types (depending on the type of position).


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